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Family Planning Empowers Young Women In Ethiopia

In Northern Ethiopia, 42% of all pregnancies are found to be unwanted. Abortion is not authorized by law, but it is frequently practiced, often in unsafe circumstances. Research conducted by the Mekelle University has shown that many young women are insufficiently informed about family planning and the use of contraceptives.

Unsafe abortions are among the leading causes of death of pregnant women worldwide, accounting for 13% of all maternal deaths. Very often, unsafe abortion leads to serious health problems, bleedings and complications. Research conducted with 314 women in the region shows that 30% develop psychological problems after the procedure. For many young women it is difficult to rebuild a deep relationship with a partner after an abortion. A lot of young women are insufficiently informed about family planning services and the use of contraceptives.


Your support

Your support will be used for a follow-up programme in which two students from the Applied Health Sciences study programme, together with researchers from the Mekelle University, will offer support in developing educational materials to inform and empower young women in their choice of contraception. They will elaborate a health policy through sensitization activities in two hospitals in the Tigray Province, Northern Ethiopia.

In the scope of their internship, the students will stay in Northern Ethiopia for three months to elaborate this health policy, together with care providers and social workers from the two hospitals.

Questions? Contact Sigrid Van Den Branden from the Howest Bachelor Applied Health Sciences -


Target amount:
€ 7000
Project manager:
Sigrid Van den Branden
Programme manager/ department manager:
Applied Health Sciences


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