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Five projects at the start of the Howest Foundation!

The Howest Foundation selected five projects. They are attributed a place of the foundation's platform and are thus open to receive support. Both local and international projects have been selected on different themes. They all meet the criteria set by the steering committee of the Howest Foundation. 

They are indeed all sustainable and have a positive social impact on society, they contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, students and lecturers are actively involved in the execution of the project, they have realistic goals and fit into the vision of Howest on (inter)regional and (inter)national cooperation. Only staff members of Howest study departments of services can submit a project application. Howest Foundation was established to support the many good initiatives, projects and research of its study departments and services through a platform and thus to increase the visibility of these initiatives and collect financial ressources.

The study departments of Social Work, Secondary Education, Applied Health Sciences, Industrial Product Design and the Students Services Department of Howest introduce their project and hope to inspire donors to join their story.

The following projects have been selected: 

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