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Do you want to support Howest Foundation in general and contribute to a project or research topic we have chosen? Select 'Howest Foundation In General. Would you rather support one of our projects to contribute to a specific objective? Select one of our projects. Would you rather support our research? Select one of our research topics.

From a donation of 40 euros or more, you will receive a tax certificate allowing you to recover 45% of the sum of your donation through your tax return.

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Your donation is deposited into the Howest Foundation bank account via the Mollie payment platform. This name may therefore appear on your receipt (Foundation Mollie Payments).

The Howest Foundation takes care of your information. You can read how we do so in the Howest privacy policy.

In case a project cannot be executed due to force majeure, the donations for that project will be distributed among all the other projects of the Howest Foundation.

Do you want to be a sponsoring company?

In case of sponsorship, contrary to a donation, a company can receive a specific compensation, e.g. the listing of the name and/logo on our website. For a sponsor agreement, a company receives an invoice on which the VAT law is applicable. Contact us for advice and for the possibilities of sponsorship.


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Do you want to talk about testaments and bequests?

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The financial management of the Howest Foundation is completely separate from the financial management of the university of applied sciences.

A donation of 40 euros minimum gives right to a tax reduction. In the course of the first quarter of the fiscal year following on the year in which you made the donation, you will receive a tax certificate.

From each donation 5% goes to the management of the organization, communication and financial follow-up, so as to guarantee that your donation is well spent and that we can communicate on this subject in a transparent way.

You can always contact us for any questions relating to which actions we have been able to carry out thanks to your donation and you can follow us via the website or our newsletter.