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In addition to education, we have two other important tasks as a university of applied sciences: practice-based research and social services. To this end, we closely cooperate with the professional field. By means of an interdisciplinary approach, we inspire companies and organizations and assist them to actually put research results into practice. We consider it as an added value to convert our accumulated expertise on digitization into the many social challenges our society offers. Through the Howest Foundation, we rely upon donors to contribute to research on the Education of the Future, Health & Welfare and Society & Social Interaction, both locally and internationally.

Education of the Future

Schools of the future are energetic and high-spirited schools where young people move and teachers are resilient. We want to achieve a future-oriented, innovative and above all feasible and sustainable educational innovation. Now, more than ever, we are focusing on digital transformation, both in terms of pedagogy and use of infrastructure.

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Health & Wellbeing

We are all living longer. It is therefore important to focus on a healthy lifestyle and well-being in order to strive for a higher quality of life. Through a preventive and holistic approach, we want to further develop health and well-being and explore how we can increase the quality of life to make our society stronger. 

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Society & Social Interaction

The 21st century brings new and complex social issues that require new recipes. Ecosystems of citizens, businesses, organizations and governments must be connected and work together. We explore opportunities to interact, to co-create and to learn. In this way we provide solutions and answers to these new issues.

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