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Education of the future

Education of the Future

Anticipating the future

Today’s Youth is Tomorrow’s Future … and Education Has a Crucial Role in This Future Through our research we anticipate that future and we contribute to innovation of the educational professional field. Future classroom projects are often very ambitious and grotesque, but are not always close to the reality of the professional field. Our researchers design solutions for actual challenges that are characterized by their innovative character and are within the reality of the educational professional field. These solutions are created in Educational Hubs (EdHubs); physical, inspiring spaces in Howest where externals can taste and experiment what the interaction of space, technology and didactics can mean. The focus is on differentiation and the enhancement of the possibilities for teachers to work with diverse class groups. We do so in a highly approachable way. Teachers are e.g. coached to set up online learning activities with which they can keep their students interested. At Howest they also get advice on the subject of using technology, space and didactics to optimally model ‘blended learning’ and this reckoning with the tools and infrastructure available.

Onderwijs van de Toekomst

Educational innovation and Educational technology

Covid 19 brought along a sharp necessity to be able to quickly switch between physical and online education. Our researchers have immediately transferred the focus to online coaching of teachers to teach in a correct way or to make qualitative recordings of lessons. We also focus on educational innovation outside the Edhubs. We develop physical and digital tools to guide creativity processes in education.

Pouring from our funds and with external grants, we build knowledge around educational innovation and educational technology. Donators to the Howest Foundation make it possible to focus on these subject matters in the longer term and to apply project results in a wider context, at the service of all stakeholders in the educational landscape.

Your support

During the start-up phase, practice-oriented scientific research is often financed with the funds of the university of applied sciences itself. Through the Howest Foundation, we can better spread the results and make the research projects more sustainable. Our researchers dream of building sustainable centres of expertise where they have a place to start working in their field. We want to use social innovation to promote social change. In other words: thanks to your support, we generate more impact!

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Ongoing projects

  • Education hub (EdHub): EdHub is the result of a research project on the interplay between space and design, between didactics and technology.


  • Innovation Wizard (Innowiz): Innowiz contains an accessible step-by-step plan with which teachers (teams) can devise unique and innovative projects and support pupils in the classroom in finding solutions for a design challenge.


  • Research and Design (ONO): With the 'ONO' tool (Research and Design) teachers are assisted to set up STE(A)M tracks themselves, taking into account the skills of the pupils.


  • PowerUp!: PowerUp! responds to empowering cognitively strong young people in secondary education by providing customized lessons packages and challenging assignments for cognitively strong pupils from secondary education.


  • Vital Schools: Our researchers also commit to a healthy lifestyle of young people. 'Vital schools' develops and implements sustainable actions that stimulate 'sitting still for less time and moving around more' within the classroom context. Here, the focus is on the creation of a psysical activity-friendly classroom environment, the use of activating work formats, outdoor learning/movement based learning and movement breaks/energizers.  Vital Schools explained on YouTube (Dutch version only).


  • Mind -and Makerspace (MaM): The Mind - and Makerspace is the creative meeting place for thinkers and doers in Bruges and the surrounding area. The MaM combines all the experts in the field of STE(A)M education and didactics. It is an open makerspace paying attention to science and research, audio, video and virtual reality, but also a focus on crafts and social creativity.