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Howest takes next step in social commitment with launch Howest Foundation

Kortrijk, November 20, 2020 – Howest from now on has its own foundation: the Howest Foundation. With this, the University of Applied Sciences takes the next step in its social commitment. The Howest Foundation offers the possibility to donors to participate in both projects as research with a social focus which are set up by researchers, lecturers and staff members of Howest.

Howest's social engagement is not new. "Our teaching and research mission is already socially relevant in its own, but with our own foundation - the Howest Foundation- we want to go a step further" said Lode De Geyter- rector of Howest. "It is the ambition of the Howest Foundation to support both projects and practice-based research with a socially relevant and sustainable impact. At the same time, we want to warm up donors to step into this story with us."

Howest Foundation projecten

Sustainable initiatives for global challenges

Project proposals can be submitted by staff and faculty from Howest's various programs and services. The steering committee of the Howest Foundaion then evaluates the proposed research themes according to the predetermined criteria, with social responsibility and sustainable, global commitment as the common thread. "Within this sustainable and global engagement, we support both very local and international projects. The latter are often linked to projects with our partners in Low and Middle Income Countries", explains Frederik D'hulster, vice-rector of education, research and internationalization of Howest. 

After the evaluation, the management committee of Howest will make the final decision as to which projects can apply for support through the Howest Foundation. After that, donors can support the selected projects financially. 

Sociaal-maatschappelijk onderzoek

Three research themes with social impact

The research within the Howest Foundation focuses on social responsibility and contributes to sustainable and global engagement. Its results are concretely applicable and deployable at civil society organizations, educational institutions and cities and towns. The Howest Foundation proposes three main research themes: 

  • Education of the futureHow can we achieve a future- oriented, innovative and, above all, feasible and sustainable educational renewal?
  • Health & Wellbeing: How can we develop health & wellbeing through a preventive and holistic approach? And how can we increase the quality of life to make our society stronger?
  • Society & Social interaction: What tools can we design to bring organizations, governments and citizens together to find socially creative answers to the challenges of the 21st century?

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