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Playing music and talking about topics you like and learning Dutch? Yes!
(c) Frank Toussaint

Toekan: Media-Literate Language Stimulation

Toekan is the language stimulation project of Medialab Quindo for children aged between 9 and 12 from Kortrijk. Children with a language deficiency are stimulated to use the Dutch language through media production. On the basis of subjects they choose themselves, the children make their own radio reports, short films, photos, etc. In this way they engage in an active, playful, accessible and innovative dialogue with each other, with external parties and with society. Their starting point always is their own living environment.



                                                                                                                                                 (c) Frank Toussaint

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Toekan wants to stimulate children in the use of the Dutch language in view of eliminating and/or limiting a (risk of) school gap. By stimulating Dutch in a leisure context, we draw the language away from the use within the school walls. We link language teaching to active and instructive media workshops in which the children and their interests are central. In this way they start to positively associate language with free time and with the success experiences they get through self-created media products. By working in groups on a final product, the children learn to consult together, to take responsibility, to make contacts, to give and receive feedback. By doing so, they develop a lot of social and communicative skills. Through the methods of Quindo the children come into contact with various media (audio, video, web, ...). They not only develop the skills to make their own media, they also gain insight in the production and selection mechanisms involved. So, they go home with a set of cross-media skills.

Questions? Contact Broos Claerhout from Medialab Quindo:


Target amount:
€ 10000
Project manager:
Broos Claerhout
Programme manager/ department manager:
Education Department