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Protection of Copyright

All of the text, images, illustrations and other content of this website is protected by copyright.   

If you wish to reproduce or communicate this to an audience in any form, you must obtain our explicit written permission, unless the latter is not necessary according to the stipulations of the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights of June 30, 1994. For instance, you have the right to download and reproduce information from this website for private use or for use in the family circle. 

To request permission for reproduction, please contact us via info@howestfoundation.org


We have tried to contact everyone who has copyright on the images and illustrations used on this website. If images or illustrations were used without prior knowledge of the proprietors, these persons can address info@howestfoundation.org

For the reproduction of images outside the family circle, permission of the author is required.   


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In general

Despite the constant care and attention to the composition of the Howest Foundation website, it remains possible that certain information is incomplete or incorrect. We cannot be held liable for this. We try to offer the information as complete and actual as possible. Possible changes to the information can be made without prior notice.   

The Howest Foundation is not liable for damage, be it direct or indirect, resulting from the use of our website and from downloading files of our website. Neither interference nor interruption in the website, which makes it temporarily impossible to visit the latter, entitles the visitor to be compensated.   

Links and references 

Our website refers to websites of third parties. We have no control over the nature, the completeness or the correctness of information on these websites and we therefore are not liable for the content of these websites.  

You are free to create links to our website or to a certain page of our website. We do, however, appreciate being provided notice of the latter.

By the nature of the internet, we cannot supervise those who create a link to our website. The presence of a link on another website therefore does not mean we approve of or recommend this website.  

Donating to the Howest Foundation

Those who want to support the Howest Foundation projects financially can do this by transferring their contribution to the especially opened account of the Howest Foundation, within the Community Foundation West-Flanders (managed by the King Baudouin Foundation): 000-0000004-04. It is extremely important to mention the correct reference when transferring your donation, so the King Baudouin Foundation can directly allocate this sum to the Howest Foundation: the reference to be mentioned as information for each transfer to the Howest Foundation is: “R50100.003 – Howest Foundation” or via following structured information: ***185/0100/00388***.

‘General Gift' versus 'Gift for a specific project (donor-advised)'

Your gift is - as a standard - a general gift for the global working of the Howest Foundation. To make your gift donor-advised for a specific project, use the following information: R50100.003 – Howest Foundation, completed with the specific reference (starting with the letters “HF”) of a project (mentioned on this website). For instance: R50100.003 – Howest Foundation HF00003. In this case, you are not able to use the structured information (***185/0100/00388***).

Management costs and building up a reserve of the Howest Foundation

The Howest Foundation makes every effort to keep the management costs as low as possible. The major part of the overhead costs – among others wages of the staff members who put their time at the disposal of the Howest Foundation, as well as development and running costs regarding the Howest Foundation website, minimal printing costs regarding prints for the Howest Foundation, etc. - are carried by the founder Howest, University College West Flanders. Each financial gift received by the Howest Foundation entirely goes to the Howest Foundation. The Howest Foundation registers and collects 8% managing costs of each deposit to the projects supported by the Howest Foundation. These means allow the Howest Foundation to carry the management costs for financial and administrative follow-up of the supported projects and also to build a reserve.  

Fiscal certificate

Your gift is tax-deductible as from € 40. Belgian fiscal law determines that private persons cannot donate over 10% of their net taxable income, with a maximum of € 331.200. For companies, maximum 5% of the net taxable income is qualified for a tax-deductable gift.  For gifts from abroad, alternating fiscal regimes apply, which differ depending on the country. Those who wish to make a donation from abroad preferably contact us to see what regime is applied best. Only gifts transferred to the Howest Foundation account 000-0000004-04 of the King Baudouin Foundation are tax-deductible. The fiscal certificate is directly delivered to the donator by the King Baudouin Foundation.  

Users under 18

We ask users of this website who are under 18 to ask their parents/legal guardians for permission before they provide us with their personal data. Users younger than 18, who do not have this permission cannot provide us with their personal data. If users younger than 18 do this anyhow, they confirm us they have that permission.  

Modifications to these conditions 

These conditions have been valid since September 1, 2011. We can, however, modify these general conditions at any time and without prior notification, by which the modification immediately comes into effect.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding these general conditions? Feel free to contact us via info@howestfoundation.org

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